Sports Consultancy




Using high performing coaches experienced sports consultants & HR experts, Gymnastic Guru can help your establishment, club, coaches or athletes get that desired edge.



We have vast experience in the design and delivery of bespoke programmes to suit all athletes & coaches, as well as proven results from working with beginner to international level gymnasts and various other sportspeople


Highly experienced with coach education and development & helping develop successful teams & individuals


What’s included?


We provide multiple packages for consultancy work.


We provide bespoke, one-day and a monthly packages. These packages are individualised to suit you and your needs.


We also design specific programmes such as: proficiency schemes, talent ID, planning templates ETC. For more information about what is included, visit our package bookings page.


Need more info?


Any further questions about consultancy with us? Check out our package bookings or on-off bookings below & Feel free to get in touch today 

Frequently asked questions

Who is consultancy for?

Consultancy is for those coaches, athletes or clubs who want that additional edge or support. We provide our conusultancy services to lots of people in the UK and EU - we welcome any sports or sportspeople & have worked within the proffessional football industry, Springboard & Platform Diving, Snowsports and many other sports, so not just Trampoline & DMT!

Is consultancy suitable for all levels & abilities?

Yes! We have worked with brand new coaches, clubs and gymnasts as well as exceptionally experienced ones. Rest assured we can provide a great, bespoke service for you.

Who will I be working with?

Dependent on your specific needs, Trampoline Guru will provide a suitably qualified and exerience coach or educator. We are equipped for almost everything, so get in touch if you are unsure & we will do our upmost to assist.

Where do the sessions take place?

We can offer our Consultancy services from Leeds Rebound Gymnastics, or we can visit you in your venue.

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